Advanced Video Challenge: Livestreaming, buying new tools and crushing Snapchat

08/05/2016 7:41 PM

You send casual videos instead of text messages, and you have a series of BombBomb videos you deploy when new leads come in. You’re a video expert compared to most agents, but that doesn’t mean you should quit now! Here are three quick challenges that will keep you ahead of the curve. Not an expert […]

Intermediate Video Challenge: How to get ahead using video

08/05/2016 7:35 PM

The most compelling CTA in marketing today may be the “play” button. Whether you’ve just completed our beginner challenge, or are naturally an intermediate video user, it’s time to test out some tools and apps that will bring your video game to the next level.   Quick review of best practices Here’s what BombBomb’s Steve […]

Video Challenge for Beginners: How to get started with easy, free video tools

08/05/2016 7:32 PM

52% of marketers worldwide name video as the content with the best ROI¹, and by 2017, videos will become nearly 70% of consumer traffic². And, Mark Zuckerberg said on 7/27/2016 after Facebook released its second-quarter earnings, “We’re going to become video first.” But even as videos become more and more popular, many agents and marketers […]